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“For last year's words belong to last year's language
And next year's words await another voice.”
― T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets

Dissolving your ideas into distinct mixtures of words and expressions for a suitable language solution

SDL Approved Reseller

Need translations?

Translation of written, printed, or electronic matter such as business documents, legal text, product materials and manuals from one language into another, to strategically enter new market spaces. Sworn translations of personal documents, contracts.


Need interpreting?

The verbal rendering of your message or spoken words from one language into another during a business meeting or conference, in order to enable communication and understanding. This service is provided simultaneously (in real-time) by means of interpreting equipment, or delivered consecutively.


Need Translation Memories?

Translation Memories (TMs) provide a cost-effective way of translating your documents. TMs do not replace the translator, but assist the person to translate accurately, faster and efficiently.


Translate faster and smarter,
from anywhere, on whatever and however you prefer to work

Trados Studio 2022  is the newest version released by RWS, market leader in the global translation industry. Translators based in Western, Central, Eastern and Southern African countries can purchase this leading CAT tool at a country discount from
NH Language Solutions, your Trados Approved Reseller.

  1. Work from home: You can install Trados Studio 2022 on your favourite device (desktop and/or laptop computer) and work from the comfort of your home on your translation projects.
  2. Work seamlessly between your office and home: If you prefer to be on the move between several locations, or prefer to also work in an online environment from any location, Trados Studio 2022 makes this hybrid way of working possible to manage your translation workflows between your computer and your online Editor. 
  3. Work in the cloud: Translation projects that require collaboration between several translators and reviewers can easily be achieved by working in the cloud - even if some team members do not have a desktop copy of Trados Studio 2022 installed on their own computers.

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